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Get Real! What This Blog Needs Is Uncensored Truth

September 28, 2012


After re-evaluating my intention for this blog, I realized my last post “Too Comfortable In Your Job? Here’s the Fast Five Fix!” I steered way, wayyy off the path I am wishing to go.


The realization came to me when I re-read my introductory post in which I stated the following, “I’d like to share with you my experiences, struggles and daily life journey and hopefully you will share back with me…” 


Staring at my laptop screen, picking the petals off my imaginary daisy…post it, don’t post it, post it, don’t post it, POST IT …I threw that first post up there on the WWW and hoped for the best. The next day I signed on and to my shock and awe I had multiple likes on the posting and I also managed to gain a few followers. (Shout Out to Laura Howarth, Patrick Latter, Derek Kortepeter and shiva Shakti)


I must admit, I felt a high I hadn’t felt in a while…they like me, they actually like me! So with that pick me up I started planning my second posting which turned into a rather drab and dragged out/seen it done it kind of post. Honestly.


Even now I contemplate whether to remove it and pretend it didn’t exist but I will leave it up there as a reminder to myself never to do a generic posting like that ever again! My intention with this blog was and remains simple: Provide twentysomethings like myself a place to live and learn about balancing our plans for the future while INDULGING in the present. (As seen in the banner on the top of the page-like it?)


We’re in a stage of our lives where living in a different city every year doesn’t sound foreign nor does switching jobs 2 or 3 times a year. Rent may be late this month and maybe the fruit and veg we bought last week has already gone rotten because we don’t know how to properly store it …and with payday still a week away, noodles are on the menu! That has all happened to me!


My main downfall with “Too Comfortable In Your Job? Here’s the Fast Five Fix!” was that I wrote relevant information which lacked inspiration. I can sit here and tell you how to improve on this and how to fix that, but in the end it’s all trial and error baby…we live, and we learn.


So my question I pose to you today is:

Is there anything you have done which you can say you’re not too proud of but definitely learned from?

Share with us in the comment section below.


Stay True To You,


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