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Get Real! What This Blog Needs Is Uncensored Truth

September 28, 2012


After re-evaluating my intention for this blog, I realized my last post “Too Comfortable In Your Job? Here’s the Fast Five Fix!” I steered way, wayyy off the path I am wishing to go.


The realization came to me when I re-read my introductory post in which I stated the following, “I’d like to share with you my experiences, struggles and daily life journey and hopefully you will share back with me…” 


Staring at my laptop screen, picking the petals off my imaginary daisy…post it, don’t post it, post it, don’t post it, POST IT …I threw that first post up there on the WWW and hoped for the best. The next day I signed on and to my shock and awe I had multiple likes on the posting and I also managed to gain a few followers. (Shout Out to Laura Howarth, Patrick Latter, Derek Kortepeter and shiva Shakti)


I must admit, I felt a high I hadn’t felt in a while…they like me, they actually like me! So with that pick me up I started planning my second posting which turned into a rather drab and dragged out/seen it done it kind of post. Honestly.


Even now I contemplate whether to remove it and pretend it didn’t exist but I will leave it up there as a reminder to myself never to do a generic posting like that ever again! My intention with this blog was and remains simple: Provide twentysomethings like myself a place to live and learn about balancing our plans for the future while INDULGING in the present. (As seen in the banner on the top of the page-like it?)


We’re in a stage of our lives where living in a different city every year doesn’t sound foreign nor does switching jobs 2 or 3 times a year. Rent may be late this month and maybe the fruit and veg we bought last week has already gone rotten because we don’t know how to properly store it …and with payday still a week away, noodles are on the menu! That has all happened to me!


My main downfall with “Too Comfortable In Your Job? Here’s the Fast Five Fix!” was that I wrote relevant information which lacked inspiration. I can sit here and tell you how to improve on this and how to fix that, but in the end it’s all trial and error baby…we live, and we learn.


So my question I pose to you today is:

Is there anything you have done which you can say you’re not too proud of but definitely learned from?

Share with us in the comment section below.


Stay True To You,



Too Comfortable In Your Job? Here’s the Fast Five Fix!

September 21, 2012

We get too comfortable in our jobs. I’ve been guilty of it, and I’m sure if the title of this post caught your attention you’re guilty of it aren’t you?


You’re not quite sure what you want to be “when you grow up” so you’re doing time at the call center, or working at the coffee shop down the road.  You’re making enough to pay for your apartment, groceries,bills, and even go out once or twice a week. So what’s wrong with that right?

It’s so easy to forget about you, to forget about the dreams you held as a kid. A broken arm, skip and a jump later here you sit… wondering what happened from them until now.

For most of us, the familiarity of our primary school days seems to have followed us into our working twenties days. Except, now we’re a little taller, and hairier (sorry about that !).


Here’s 5 quick ways you can change it up:

1. Look for a second job

I truly believe our perception of life is jaded when we’re constantly in the same environment. You begin to feel like this is all there is, an office, a cubicle, a cash register. Switch it up!
Work at the one job for 20 hours, and the other 20 hours.

2. Actually talk to your co-workers

Too often we stay away from our co-workers, and stick to socializing with friends from school whom we’ve known for years.

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”

WHO CARES if they’re the weird one at work that everyone avoids. Drop your high school mentality and say a big f-you to the “cool kids” at work. Chances are, 2 years from now you won’t even remember their names and one of those weird ones may just end up being your maid of honour.

Make the effort to say “Hi! My name is …”

3. Get a hobby, and work at it!

You’re easels are shoved in the corner until you dust them off and remember you liked to paint now and then, right? WRONG.With our lives so dependant on the 9 to 5 , when you finally step foot into your apartment, you just want to fall flat on your face and take a nap. Waking 3 hours later, you remember you have to eat and then Prime Time TV begins – which you CANNOT miss! Glee anyone? Grey’s Anatomy anyone? Criminal Minds anyone? Honey Boo Boo anyone? … FORGET the last one. And I totally don’t watch Honey Boo Boo. Nope, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!




You need to make time for your hobbies. Remember why you loved it in the first place. It made you happy, at peace or just plain jazzed up on life! Just like you schedule everything else in your life, schedule your hobbies.

4. Freshen Up

Spend some time outside today, leave your smartphone inside your apartment. Appreciate the smells and sounds surrounding you. Soak up the FRESH air !

Going for a walk everyday is not just beneficial to your physical health but it strengthens your mental health in plenty. Explore your neighbourhood, and I don’t mean go searching for the closest bars. Although that CAN be fun too.

5. Freelance, Freelance, Freelance

With all the social networking sites and advertising sites out there like or Craigslist – advertising your services haven’t ever been easier.

Know your way around a car engine? Offer mechanical advice.
Studied Esthetics? Offer mobile pedi’s and mani’s.

Or do you just LOVE reading and have an excellent grasp of the English language? Offer editing services for high school teenagers. (Their parent’s may thank you too!)


What I am trying to say is, it’s okay to be comfortable in your job. It’s okay to know exactly how much you’re getting on your pay check next week…taxes deducted. It’s okay. Just remember to borrow a little bit of that gusto you had as a kid.

And since Autumn is here, next time you grab your $5(guilt free) latte from Starbucks – be brave and Pumpkin Spice it up!

Are you too comfortable at work? Pick even just one of the above and let me know which you are going to commit to in the comment section below. Also, leave a comment below if you have any other suggestions!



Stay True To You,

Oh hey, since my first blog entry I’ve discovered hyperlinks…so if you want to get in contact with me, check out my About Me + Contact page!

What Makes a Writer? : Career Confusions Of A Twenty Something

September 18, 2012

I was listening to the radio the other night and a song by Baz Luhrmann came on, you may know it…”Sunscreen.”  If you don’t know it, go ahead, click the play button below and have a listen Make sure to follow the lyrics along closely.


For anyone who listens to this song, I promise it is like a ray of inspiration – even at 2AM on a Sunday morning like it was for me. I felt like I HAD to do something… anything…just one thing  that will get me one step closer to what I want out of my  life.

I currently work from home for a telecommunications company and am in the midst of setting up two separate businesses. I did not go to University and earn a degree. I had the opportunity, attended for a year, and perhaps I will return someday. But not right now. For those closest to me, they can attest to the fact that I am may as well be a chicken running with it’s head cut off when it comes to career decisions. I once wanted to be a Pilot, a Chef, an Engineer, a Fashion Designer… even an Accountant – among the LONG list behind me. Blegh. What was I thinking!

I approached my career aspirations with an intense passion and perseverance resulting in poor decisions landing me in a deeply depressive state… where I once again, sit… contemplating my future.

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris

The Thinking Man sculpture at Musée Rodin in Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It goes something like this:

1. Questioning Myself
“What am I doing with my life?!”
“Why haven’t I accomplished more?”
2. University Research
Feverishly scan University websites for programs that would land me in a $100 000 salary job.
3. Next Career Faze
After finding the $100 000 salary job, I would convince myself that, (for the purpose of my explanation we’ll say) being a Plant Operator is the BEST thing for me. No matter how loud that annoying “you know you don’t want to do that” voice inside me was screaming.
4. Convincing
I would without fail convince everyone around me that my new career aspiration has ALWAYS been the one thing I aspired to. I think I even had some fooled.
I’d listen to that annoying voice. Go back to step 1.

Wellll, safe to say…I did not turn out to be a Plant Operator…Phew! Close one.

Which brings me to talking about what I am seeking out of this blog. As I approach my crown birthday this year in November (feel free to send birthday wishes my way then !) I find myself thinking more about what is going to make me happy in the now, not the future.

During all those career fazes I had, one thing really did stay the same, I always used writing as an outlet to just…relax. I would write short stories, mini stage scripts, songs, whatever made it’s way from my mind to the keyboard. Often times I would write, read and delete. The words, for my eyes only.

So in the midst of writing business plans and securing funding for my start-ups, I am going to put all that feverish passion I had for that other stuff into my writing. I mean, who on earth can seriously cook a 5 star meal, fly a plane and build a bridge all in one day? Actually…if given the opportunity I would probably try to do all of that! But that’s just me.

I’d like to share with you my experiences, struggles and daily life journey and hopefully you will share back with me through the most easily accessible and raw form of art… writing. I am to inspire and seek inspiration.

I hope that I can connect with 20 something’s like myself over the growth of this blog and we can share in this awesome gift that is life!

If you have any comments, advice or want to contact me I welcome you to do so!

Stay True To You,

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